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through your current customers

Just like you would embed a payments solution to your product to monetize transactions, you can now embed a screening solution and truly champion trust & safety as your own product.

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Robust API docs that give you multiple integration paths

With Yardstik’s robust APIs and webhooks you can integrate or embed screening infrastructure seamlessly into your product. We make it possible to turn screening and fraud prevention into your competitive advantage.

Platform spotlight

LeagueApps is a youth sports management platform that allows their customers to manage their club, team, league, tournament, or camps in one place. They integrated Yardstik directly into their product and now offer those customers the ability to run background screens on volunteers and coaches to help keep athletes safe. 

By integrating Yardstik into their product, they are able to generate new business, keep current customers satisfied, and add revenue directly to the bottom line.


Volo Kids Foundation, LeagueApps Customer

Meet your new competitive advantage.

Attract new customers.

Offer a product they'd rather use directly through your platform instead of a 3rd party

Make your current customers stickier.

The more of your product customers are using, the more likely they are to stick around.

Generate additional revenue.

Straight to the bottom line at effectively 100% margin.

“When entering a downturn, logo acquisition becomes much more difficult, and generating additional revenue from your current install base becomes critical.”

Justin Kaufenberg

Managing Director

Rally Ventures

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