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Combine background checks and license data verification with Yardstik.

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All of your screening operations can be easily managed in your current Avionté workflows. See how it works in this quick demo.

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Through unified data insights and scalable workflows, Yardstik refines the hiring journey, aligning it precisely with your organizational goals.

Unlock the power of connected data.

Leverage synchronized tools for data-driven insights, ensuring seamless operations while pinpointing fraud opportunities.

Provide a unified worker experience.

With a single data entry point for candidates, enjoy a streamlined hiring path built for scalability and user experience.

Build a program tailored to your goals.

Optimize your process by utilizing only the necessary tools, creating custom workflows, and cutting screening costs.

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Yardstik provides you with all of the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.

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