Why Yardstik

The screening industry needs an Upgrade. Like, a big one.

It’s time for a change

The screening industry is broken and stagnant. Legacy providers are desperately trying to charge more for a service that’s only getting worse.

Yardstik was created to disrupt this broken industry.

We knew we could do better. We built a measurably better product than anything on the market. And we continue to lead the industry in innovation and in actually giving a damn about you and your business.

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No Compromise on Customer Care

Yardstik is good at a lot of things. Groundbreaking technology. Security and compliance. Incredible integrations. But serving customers is what we do best. And it’s what we care most about.

“We might be the smallest customer Yardstik has and I’d never know that because of the attention and personal touch we get. It’s great to have the cost savings, but the partnership means even more to me.”

– Nick R., Better Trucks

HOW do we serve our customers so well?

We do what no one else will do

We help customers save money and run fewer background checks – who else can promise that?

We build savings into our platform

We don’t just say we’ll save you money. Savings are built into our product.

We put your needs first – no caveats

Selfishness is off the table. Our job is to make your life easier, and we take that job seriously.

We’re here for you – any time, all the time

Our support teams are always fast and ready to help.

Our Purpose

(You know, that thing we live for and never stop talking about)

To reduce people-related risk

Our Values

(What you can always expect from us, no matter what)

Measurably Better

Obsessed with progress – it’s in our DNA. We combine a data-driven approach and accountability to create unmatched results.


Think Big

Status quo? No thanks. We’re here to disrupt. Fueled by strategic risks and groundbreaking ideas, we’re sprinting toward a bolder vision.


Earn Trust

Shockingly reliable. That’s our brand. We give respect, ensure transparency, and foster uncommon relationships.

Take Action

Swift, sharp, decisive. That’s us. We assess all of the options with a critical eye but prefer to find the answer by doing.


Love the Journey

Mindset. Always. We embrace the process, stay curious, invest in ourselves, and have a damn good time while doing it.

We take your trust seriously

Embrace the future of screening

Join the revolution today. Experience measurably better background screening.