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beyond the background check

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Yardstik provides you with all of the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.

Simplify everything.

Access identity verification, background checks, verifications, and more – all in one place. With a single, comprehensive platform, you can streamline processes, reduce costs, and gain valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Custom Trust & Safety Packages

Yardstik adapts to virtually any business model, from gig economy marketplaces to SaaS platforms across industries.

Seamless & Simple Integrations

Plug and play with our robust APIs and pre-made UI components to configure and launch Yardstik right out of the box.

Cost Savings & Revenue Sharing

Save at least 15% on your existing packages, find unique ways to cut costs, and tap into hidden revenue.

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