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Sequential Screening: A Secret Legacy Vendors Won’t Reveal

“I’m so tired of paying $100+ for every candidate whether or not I end up hiring them.”

We hear this often from people before they switch to Yardstik.

The screening vendors of yesterday want you to believe there is only one workflow for vetting candidates—their workflow. It’s an intentionally expensive workflow that benefits vendors over businesses, built on the premise that you hire better workers by running more and more and more background checks.

We’re not buying it, and you shouldn’t either. 

We believe in a better, more modern approach—one that not only helps you find and hire better workers but also saves significant time and money along the way. 

We call it Sequential Screening. 

Traditional Screening is Broken

Traditional screening vendors want you to believe that every candidate who enters your funnel should be screened to the fullest extent to determine whether or not they can be hired. 

Because of this, a typical employer can spend anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars recruiting, screening, and onboarding 1099 and W-2 workers.

Employers have grown tired of spending money vetting people who never make it through their hiring process.

Brady Stromme, Director of Customer Success at Yardstik, hears the frustration firsthand from businesses:

“They are tired of running screens on people they would never hire in the first place. It’s frustrating for them to not be able to move forward with a candidate after spending so much money vetting them. And then you start to go further upstream into marketing costs and ATS costs and other acquisition costs, and a lot of customers tell us that number is actually much bigger. Businesses just don’t want to spend money anymore on people they’ll never see a return on investment on.”

What if there existed a measurably better way to screen workers?

Introducing a Bold New Approach

Enter Sequential Screening, the only solution on the market that helps you run fewer background checks. 

It’s a bold new approach to screening employees, built to serve high-volume hiring businesses that need more flexibility and control over how screening happens. 

Sequential Screening is the only solution on the market that helps you run fewer background checks. It works by stopping the screening process if candidates don’t meet your pre-specified requirements. This saves you money and gives you the power to build your screening workflow your way.

How Sequential Screening Works

Customers work directly with our team to build custom Sequential Screening workflows. This personalized, consultative approach supports each business’s unique hiring needs and goals.

Our team of experts works with you to understand who you need to hire, what qualifications need to be met, and how the process could be optimized to save time and money.

Karen Nathan, VP of Product at Yardstik, explains it this way:

“Let’s just say, for example, I’m working with drivers, and I’m running a criminal screen, an employment verification, an MVR check, and a drug screen. With Sequential Screening, I could say I want the MVR check first, then the criminal screen, then employment verification, and finally the drug test. With this workflow in place, if someone doesn’t pass the MVR, I can take them out of my funnel earlier in the process before I spend any more time or money on additional screening.”

Once your custom workflow has been built, you continue consulting with Yardstik experts to make adjustments that increase efficiency within your hiring funnel. It’s just one of many tools, like the Yardstik Dashboard, that allow you to become more strategic about how, who, and when to hire more people. Nathan added:

“We work with many customers who use Sequential Screening to test and adjust the order of screens so they can optimize their funnel.”

Sequential Screening is the Answer, But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Sequential Screening is already making a big impact on customers who have adopted the new approach. 

Yardstik customers using Sequential Screening run roughly 10% fewer screens and save 12% on screening costs.

Our team recently worked with the corporate catering business HUNGRY to create two separate screening workflows for their drivers, who needed to pass MVR checks and basic background checks, and their Catering Captains, who only needed to pass a basic check.

Cat Cribbs, Recruitment & Compliance Manager at HUNGRY, commented:

“The fact that we can run the MVR first and see if we can even accept them after the background is run is really, really crucial, especially with time to hire. If we’re automatically going to deny their MVR, there’s no need to run that Basic. And then there’s no need to follow through with that candidate. So I think that is the biggest selling point for us as a 1099 platform— that we could run the MVR first.” 

By leveraging the power of Sequential Screening, HUNGRY eliminates candidates earlier in the process, allowing them to save money and get the right people on the job in less time. 

Read the full HUNGRY case study.

Are You Ready? Let’s Connect

The future of screening is all about flexibility, customization, and efficiency. 

Want to learn more about how Sequential Screening could save your business time and money? Reach out, and we’ll connect you with an expert to get the conversation started.

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