Yardstik Launches Podcast for Gig Marketplace Executives: Rockin’ Your Marketplace

MINNEAPOLIS, September 15, 2022 — Yardstik Inc. announced the launch of a new podcast for executives serving two-sided marketplaces: Rockin’ Your Marketplace.

This podcast demonstrates Yardstik’s commitment to listening to their customers and deepening their understanding of business in the gig economy so that they can be an expert partner for two-sided marketplaces.

“The emergence of two-sided marketplaces as a major force in our economy is very real, and the people playing a key role in its emergence have incredible stories to tell. Our goal is to give those people a voice and share their experiences, knowledge, and collective know-how. The podcast will become a go-to resource for those looking to learn more about this exploding segment of the market.” – Anthony Ostrowski, Vice President of Revenue, Yardstik

Each episode includes a featured guest with significant experience and insight into leadership in the gig economy. The first episodes featured David Pickerell, Founder/CEO of Para; Atif Siddiqi, Founder/CEO of Branch; and Michelle Tinsley, Founder/President of YellowBird.

Rockin’ Your Marketplace episodes cover all topics relevant to executive leadership in the gig economy—including organizational theory, go-to-market strategy, financing, product development, and more.

Rockin’ Your Marketplace can be found on every major podcast player, including a video podcast on YouTube. Links to each podcast player can be found with other podcast information on Yardstik’s podcast information page.

If you are interested in being a featured guest on Rockin’ Your Marketplace, you can reach out via the podcast information page.

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