Meet the Trust & Safety Platform From Yardstik

meet the first trust & safety platform

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Trust & Safety platform, which brings better tools, workflows, and expertise to companies that need to screen, verify, and hire people at scale.

We’re already helping these brands and many others build best-in-class Trust & Safety programs:

It's time to fix trust & safety. For good.

“There has never been a bigger need for stronger Trust & Safety programs. But building the right program from the ground up can be difficult and incredibly expensive. With the world’s first Trust & Safety Platform, we’re solving that problem.”

— Matt Meents, CEO, Yardstik

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the world needs a trust & safety platform

there are too many point solutions.

It takes too much time and money to find, vet, and connect with the vendors you need to build an effective Trust & Safety program.

Integrating and learning are time extensive.

Building useful integrations is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, data is disconnected and hard to evaluate holistically.

The candidate experience is disconnected.

Workers have to input the same information multiple times, causing unnecessary friction and slowing down the onboarding process.

money is spent on unneeded screens.

There is no way to stop bad actors from continuing in your onboarding and screening process the moment they are identified.

Core Tenets: why we built our platform

There's a better way to build trust & safety programs

Outdated background screening technology, disconnected workflows, and bad vendor contracts don’t work. You need a platform that works for you, no matter what your goals are.


Companies should be able to choose and combine the Trust & Safety solutions that best address their specific challenges and risks.


As companies grow and evolve, so do their Trust & Safety needs. A modern platform must be able to scale with businesses and serve changing needs.


The platform should help companies anticipate potential risks and vulnerabilities by leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise.


User-centric Trust & Safety platforms are essential for creating secure and satisfying experiences that foster customer loyalty and marketplace growth.

The Platform

Hire the right people fast, reduce your risk, and keep your brand and people safe, all in one place. Run a world-class Trust and Safety program, never spend time or money on another integration, and do it all while saving money on screening operations costs.

build a best-in-class trust & safety program

Unlock the power of connected data

provide a unified worker experience

build a program tailored to your goals

“The Yardstik team went beyond background screening and listened to the unique needs of our company. They acted as an extension of our team to help us deliver more for our customers.

Andrew Leone

Co-Founder/CEO, Dispatch

find out what our trust & safety Platform can do for you

The possibilities are endless, and the time for change is now. Let’s join forces to redefine Trust & Safety and unlock the true potential of the digital world.