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Speed and accuracy are the foundation of our offerings because they are what is important for your marketplace.

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We are built to quickly adapt to the changing needs of marketplaces — supported by a robust, adaptable system.

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The Yardstik SafeScale Commitment helps you scale your onboarding quickly without sacrificing trust or safety.

“It’s been a real breath of fresh air working with you and your team on this project the past few months. We’ve already noticed a huge improvement in the application process for our drivers and we’re excited to continue to grow our relationship with Yardstik.”

— Kate Rickert, Driver Engagement Manager at Dispatch

“Yardstik allows us to get drivers onboarded to new opportunities very quickly, putting more dollars in pockets. And we like working with people who share our vision for creating better experiences in the gig economy. They’ve been a phenomenal partner for us.”

— David Pickerell, Founder/CEO at Para

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Yardstik provides you with all of the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.