Everything You Need to
Hire Healthcare Workers

Yardstik brings better Trust & Safety tools to hospitals, clinics, and other startups in the healthcare space. We help you screen, verify, hire, and monitor your workforce at scale.

A Complete Healthcare Integrity Lineup

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search
System of Award Management (SAM) Search
Federal and State-specific Medicaid Data Search
Federal Actions and Exclusion Data Source
State-level Board Action Data Search
State Abuse Registries and Imposter Lists
License verification of LPN, RN, NP, PT, MD, and More
Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) Search

Plus identity verification, background checks, continuous monitoring, and more.

One Platform to keep your organization safe

Yardstik eliminates the need to use multiple platforms to build and manage a winning Trust & Safety platform for your organization. Plug into one platform and get the tools, integrations, and support you need to grow in the Healthcare space.

Featured Integration

Experience the power of Yardstik and Avionté integration, delivering swift, accurate background checks and seamless workforce management. Elevate trust, safety, and compliance in your healthcare staffing platform with this game-changing duo.

Make healthcare hiring easier

Fast and accurate

Speed and accuracy are our foundation because they are what is important for your platform.

As flexible as possible

We are built to quickly adapt to your changing needs — supported by a robust, adaptable system.

Safe scalability

The Yardstik SafeScale Commitment helps you scale quickly without sacrificing trust or safety.

We Know Your Business Like You Do

You will work with Trust & Safety experts who understand the healthcare industry, your screening challenges, and your business goals. We’ll work one on one with you to build the right program for your stage of growth.

there's More for healthcare with Yardstik

Yardstik provides you with all of the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.