Hungry Case Study

HUNGRY Satisfies Cravings for a Better Screening Platform with Yardstik

Case study

HUNGRY is a thriving business founded in 2016 that offers premium catering and exclusive meals prepared by local chefs to offices and private events in 11 cities across the U.S. To continue its growth and expansion, the recruiting and compliance team at HUNGRY needed a partner who made it easy to screen a high volume of drivers and catering leads across its locations.

Hungry case study
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
Company Size: 200+ Employees
Industry: Food and Beverage Services


Yardstik helped HUNGRY save 50% on screening costs after their previous provider hiked their price.
HUNGRY was up and running within one day of signing up, wasting no time during the vendor swap.
Leveraging the transparent data and reporting Yardstik provides, HUNGRY cut more costs and improved efficiencies for key processes.


HUNGRY had been using another screening platform that wasn’t meeting their expectations from a data accessibility, platform usability, and cost perspective. “I wasn’t personally a huge fan of the interface and user experience of our last platform,” said Zack Rothman, Talent Acquisition Specialist at HUNGRY. “I was looking for something that was easier to use as far as searching for different names or email addresses and being able to find a background check at a high volume quickly since we process a lot of paperwork,” he added. Besides needing a user-friendly solution, Zack’s team also needed a partner who could help them treat their two groups of 1099 workers separately when it came to running checks.

One group of 1099 workers is responsible for driving and needs to pass Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks in addition to basic background checks. The other 1099 workers, called Catering Captains, are hired to manage catering services and only need to pass a basic background check—no MVR check is needed.

After their former platform hiked their screening package price, the team at HUNGRY decided it was time to look for a new partner that could provide a platform that was easier to use, more cost-effective, and would help them separate MVR screens from basic background checks.


HUNGRY had been using another screening platform that wasn’t meeting their expectations from a data accessibility, platform usability, and cost perspective.

After doing a thorough search for a background screening provider, they found Yardstik. A contrast to their former platform, Yardstik offered a more modern solution for a team that couldn’t afford to waste any time on usability issues.

“Yardstik fills in a modern gap that I haven’t personally seen in other platforms,” said Rothman. “A lot of them are, honestly, at this point, looking pretty dated,” he added.

Yardstik Platform Candidate Report view

More important than how the platform worked, though, was the way Yardstik was able to solve HUNGRY’s challenges related to its two groups of 1099 workers. 

Yardstik worked with HUNGRY to create two separate screening workflows for their drivers, who needed to pass MVR checks and basic background checks, and their Catering Captains, who only needed to pass a basic check. 

Quote from Cat Cribbs at HUNGRY

Finally, Yardstik provided HUNGRY with a convenient dashboard that gave them the data they needed to better understand how effective and efficient their recruitment, screening, and hiring processes were at any given time, something they weren’t able to easily see with their former provider.

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FastAt the start of the partnership, HUNGRY made it clear they needed to move quickly. Within one day of signing up, they were screening with Yardstik. “As far as the onboarding was concerned, the implementation was extremely fast,” said Rothman.

Significant cost-savings

savingsAfter helping the HUNGRY team build separate screening workflows for drivers and Catering Captains, Yardstik was able to cut screening costs by 50%. This is thanks to a bold approach from Yardstik known as Sequential Screening, which helps customers cut out bad actors from the process before additional screens are performed. 

In the case of HUNGRY, leveraging Sequential Screening allowed them to run MVR checks on drivers first. If applicants failed their MVR check, they were removed from the hiring process before moving onto the basic screen. 

For Cribbs, this small change was essential. “The biggest impact I think we’ve had overall is the pricing structure,” said Cribbs.

transparent reporting

For Rothman, it was the new dashboard that gave them access to information about the overall efficiency and performance of the screening and hiring process. “It’s been really valuable to be able to show our directors and leadership team the data we get from Yardstik, like conversion rate,” said Rothman. 

“Just being able to see that the money we are spending for background checks is actually going to converted hires and onboarded candidates is big. The same is true for hirable rate. I can see in Yardstik that our hirable rate has been really high, which indicates that our recruiting team is doing a good job of screening people out. Overall, it’s been really cool and I like to see the data just laid out nice and easy.”

In the end, Yardstik helped satisfy the cravings HUNGRY had for a partner that could deliver a better screening experience. “If you’re looking to make a switch and you’re not happy with your current provider, this is a great way to do it. And I would be willing to bet you will save money for your organization,” said Rothman as a final thought.
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