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Identity verification

Fast data capture tools that help you verify identities before wasting time and money performing background checks.

Visual Verification
KYC Verification
Risk Profile Scoring
Liveness Detection
License Data Capture

Background checks

Configurable background check tools that allow you to screen candidates, make hiring decisions, and scale faster when the time is right.

National Criminal database
national sex offender registry
OFAC & Most Wanted Lists
Global Watch List & SSN Trace
Federal Criminal Record Search
Automated Adjudication
County searches

mVR Checks

Fast and accurate MVR reports that give you the confidence you need to put the right drivers behind the wheel and keep growing your business.

Driving Records
Traffic violations
License issue date, expiration, class, and more


Comprehensive tools to help you verify a candidate’s education, employment, professional licenses, and insurance before they start working for you.

Employment Verification
Education Verification
Professional License Verification
Insurance Validation
Certificate Validation
COVID-19 Vaccine Validation
Custom Verifications

Healthcare integrity

Thorough searches that help you check for candidate qualifications, keep bad actors from getting hired, and protect the health and safety of your patients.

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search
System of Award Management (SAM) Search
Federal and State-specific Medicaid Data Search
Federal Actions and Exclusion Data Source
State-level Board Action Data
Aggregated State Abuse Registries and Imposter Lists
License verification of LPN, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, MD, and More
List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) Search

Social Media Screening

Quick analysis of a candidate’s social media history and behaviors to help you uncover any concerning information that could surface after hiring.

Social Media and Web Coverage Analysis
3-7 Year Lookback
Customize the Words and behaviors You Want to Flag

Continuous monitoring

Always-on monitoring to give you real-time alerts when new criminal records connected to your workers are published.

Continuous Criminal Records Monitoring
Searches Criminal Records and More
Searches Major Traffic Offenses

Drug Screening

Quick and accurate drug screening tools that help you confirm a candidate’s eligibility and get them hired and onboarded in less time.

Configurable options to Comply with Industry Regulations
5-Panel, 9-Panel, 10-Panel, and Instant Result Options
Access to 10,000+ locations
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