Yardstik Launches New Strategic Partnership with Gig Wage to Usher in a New Era of Trust & Safety

Oct 10, 2023

Yardstik is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Gig Wage, a pioneer in GigForce Management. Gig Wage helps businesses deliver instant payments to gig workers and independent contractors. Their innovative platform is modernizing and streamlining the relationship between businesses and workers, which makes them a picture-perfect partner for Yardstik. 

Why? Because, like us, they’re committed to building tools that address the urgent and costly needs of the growing gig economy. It’s no secret that the gig economy is shaping the future of work in real time. Businesses that want to play the game and win need modern tools that help them work more efficiently, stay competitive, and act fast when speed is the only option.

Yardstik and Gig Wage are investing in the future of work today by giving businesses connected tools for sourcing, screening, verifying, onboarding, and paying a new generation of workers.  

“We’re really excited about this partnership and what it means for our customer,” said Anthony Ostrowski, VP of Revenue at Yardstik. “It’s the result of a shared vision that both organizations have in making the gig economy better and safer for everyone—businesses, customers, and the workers themselves. 

A Partnership That Supports the Future of Work—Today

The partnership brings a robust suite of Trust & Safety tools to businesses using Gig Wage to onboard and pay gig workers. Customers will now be able to leverage the following services from Yardstik seamlessly within the Gig Wage platform:

  • Extensive Background Screening
  • Transparent Identity Verification
  • Proactive Continuous Monitoring
  • Deep Social Media Screening
  • Reliable MVR Checks 
  • Rigorous Drug Screening 

Businesses familiar with Yardstik can now leverage Gig Wage to attract top-tier gig talent by sending them instant payments 2-5 days sooner than other employers using outdated payment providers. 

Gig Wage also provides businesses with efficient self-service onboarding tools that help accelerate the hiring process. 

Like Yardstik, they’re also giving businesses access to valuable data and insights about workers that can be used to make the right business decisions at the right moment in time. 

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to share this partnership with our community of customers,” said Kristen Blum, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Gig Wage. “This partnership brings a new layer of Trust & Safety to our customers, allowing them to onboard and hire gig talent at scale, smoothly transitioning from screening to verification, and finally to hiring—all under one unified platform.”

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