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Easier screening with Yardstik + leagueapps

Integrated screening for youth sports

Yardstik makes it easier for youth sports organizations to prioritize safety through smarter screening and verification practices.

Consolidate pre-season requirements

Stop chasing down Volunteers

Keep your organization safe

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It's easy with Yardstik

All of your screening operations can be easily managed in your current LeagueApps workflows. See how it works in this quick demo.

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Build a Safer Youth Sports Organization

Through scalable workflows and integrated tools, Yardstik makes it easy to build a best-in-class screening and verification program for your sports organization.

Screening built for youth sports

Make safety a priority for your growing youth sports organization with an end-to-end platform that delivers everything you need.

Build a program tailored to your needs

Utilize only the necessary screening tools, workflows, and processes you need to keep your league, club, or camp safe.

Keep your kids and volunteers safe

Get a full picture of criminal and background data, screen and onboard people quickly, and keep youth participants safe.


Build the right plan for your youth sports organization.

Standard criminal Package

Best for roles that don’t interact with youth athletes regularly or those under constant supervision (i.e. board members, administrators)

Yardstik’s Standard Screening Package delivers the comprehensive screening results you need to hire confidently, surveying national databases and checking against criminal records in their current county of residence.

National Criminal Search
national sex offender registry Search
OFAC & Most Wanted Lists
Global Watch List & SSN Trace
Current county of residence search

$20 / screen + potential access fees*

Premium criminal Package

Yardstik’s most popular offering for youth sports organizations. Best for anyone with direct access to youth athletes (i.e. coaches, volunteers)

Yardstik’s Premium Screening Package surveys national databases and checks against criminal records in all counties of residence tracing back 7 years. Plus, the Premium Criminal Package includes a Federal Criminal Records search.

National Criminal Search
national sex offender registry Search
OFAC & Most Wanted Lists
Global Watch List & SSN Trace
Federal Criminal Records Search
7-year history county of residence criminal search

$30 / screen + potential access fees*

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