Go beyond the background check

Old-school background checking is outdated. Yardstik pairs with Jobvite to help you get more done, faster, and for less.

Build the packages you need

Modular screening options, insurance and credential verification, in-line training, payments, and way more.

Make life easier with Jobvite integration

Leverage Yardstik’s integration with Jobvite to get up and screening quickly and run more efficiently.

Less wasted effort and faster growth

Improve onboarding speed and conversion, spend less on screens, get help when you need it, and get more done.

“Background checks were a new thing when they came out ten-plus years ago, but the world has changed a lot in the past ten years. We’re excited to work with Yardstik, a company that’s on the forefront of version two of this.

– David Pickerell, Founder/CEO of Para


Yardstik offers a variety of screening packages that help you manage risk, maintain safe and compliant workforces across multiple locations, and build trust with your customers. Pricing is entirely usage-based, so you only pay for what you need.

Our packages go beyond screening, offering a safer and more comprehensive safety solution for your organization.

Standard Criminal Package

Choose from flexible FCRA-compliant screening packages, including:

  • Flexible criminal screening packages
  • MVR record checks with cost-saving workflows
  • Drug screening packages
  • Social media screening
  • and more

Credential Verification

We handle a variety of verifications specific for many industries, including:

  • CPR Certification
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • ID Document Review
  • and more

In-line Training Modules

Maintain a safe, educated, and compliant staff through training, including:

  • Embedded videos
  • Embedded quizzes
  • 3rd-party content integration
  • and more

“The Yardstik team went beyond background screening and listened to the unique needs of our company. They acted as an extension of our team to help us deliver more for our customers.

– Andrew Leone, Co-Founder and CEO of Dispatch

Let’s get you up-and-screening