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Yardstik Doubles Down on Trust & Safety with Two New Tools

In early 2023, Yardstik launched the world’s first Trust & Safety Platform. The platform was our answer to the increasingly important and complex question every high-volume hiring business, SaaS platform, and gig marketplace is asking itself today: 

“How do we hire a lot of people, living in many different places, quickly and at scale without sacrificing trust and safety?”

The world took notice back in March when we launched our platform, and since that day, our team has spent the entire year focusing time and effort on one singular focus: 

Providing businesses in need of better trust and safety hiring tools with a more holistic, connected, and data-driven solution.

Today, we’re doubling down on Trust & Safety by launching two new tools: Yardstik Detect and the Yardstik Trust & Safety Dashboard. 

These tools live and operate under the umbrella of our Trust & Safety Platform, giving our customers even more visibility into their hiring funnel and helping them detect fraud earlier in the process than ever before.

More Visibility Into Hiring Funnel Performance

The new Trust & Safety Dashboard from Yardstik allows you to dig deeper into hiring conversions, identify where hireable candidates are coming from, and move candidates through the process in less time.

“Hiring data is on the minds of every high-volume hiring business today,” said Brady Stromme, Director of Customer Success & Solutions at Yardstik. “The Yardstik Trust & Safety Dashboard makes it easier than ever for our customers to see and act on the data they care most about. With this data at their fingertips, Yardstik customers can make faster, more informed decisions about who they hire, where they hire from, and what they need to do to optimize their hiring processes,” he added.

What You’ll See in the Trust & Safety Dashboard

The dashboard gives Yardstik customers multiple layers of data, including:

  • Hiring funnel metrics like conversion rate, hireable rate, and duration to clear
  • Geo-specific hiring summaries that show you where hirable candidates are living
  • A list of candidates that need to be nudged to complete screens
  • A quick link to all open reports awaiting your decision
  • In-progress reports currently making their way through your hiring funnel

Benefits of the Trust & Safety Dashboard

1. Monitor hiring funnel performance: Get the real-time data you need to understand more about candidate conversion and the time it takes to clear.

2. Keep close tabs on reports: Move candidates through your hiring process in less time by keeping tabs on reports that require your attention.

2. Drill down by region: Find out where the best and most hirable candidates are coming from, where you are running the most county searches, and where you’re incurring the highest pass-through fees.

Yardstik Detect

In the gig/high-volume hiring space, fraud is an increasing and ever-changing problem that can be damaging to a business’s customers, bottom line, and reputation. Identifying bad actors is one battle, and stopping them is another. Both can be costly and labor-intensive for Trust & Safety teams.

Our new Yardstik Detect product identifies fraud signals and removes bad actors at multiple points of the hiring and onboarding funnel.

Examples of fraud signals

Yardstik Detect proactively looks for and acts on a number of common fraud signals businesses might encounter when hiring, including:

  • Same SSN is used with different contact info within a customer account
  • SSN not verified (name, DOB, year)
  • SSN on death master record
  • Email recency
  • Email varies from name
  • Phone number provided is VoIP
  • Phone lookup doesn’t match PII
  • IP location outside of US
  • IP location compared to the physical address
  • Physical address used many times
  • PII sent from the customer/ATS doesn’t match what was entered in Yardstik
  • PII mismatch across systems

If fraud signals are detected, candidates will be automatically sent into alternate “workflows” and/or stop processes, saving the business time and money by stopping the bad actor from entering the hiring and onboarding process.

Yardstik Detect will roll out in beta to a select set of customers in Q4.

Helping customers solve the Fraud problem earlier

“We know fraud is a big, growing problem for businesses, especially those in the gig economy,” said Karen Nathan, VP of Product at Yardstik. “Our new Detect product is about ensuring data quality and data consistency across multiple systems to not only save the customer time and money but also give them peace of mind.”

See the New tools in action

Want to see the Trust & Safety Dashboard or Yardstik Detect up close? Send us a message and a team member will contact you to schedule a chat.

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