Continuous Monitoring: 24/7 Compliance on Easy Mode

Continuous Monitoring: Compliance on Easy Mode

Remember that brand-new car feeling? Pristine tires, no dents, and an unbelievably clean interior. But, as soon as you drive off the lot, the magic starts to fade. 

A traditional background check is kind of like that. It’s a quick snapshot of someone’s history that quickly goes out of date. Vital info indeed, but it loses value as soon as it’s done.

What if you could have that “new car, peace-of-mind” feeling all the time instead of just at the beginning?

That’s where Continuous Monitoring comes in. It revolutionizes background checks by transforming them from a one-time event into an ongoing process. With multiple daily checks, Continuous Monitoring helps ensure your organization remains as safe as possible. And it’s incredibly simple—a set-it-and-forget-it tactic. Like the sound of that?

Plus, leveraging Continuous Monitoring sets you up as a premium brand, giving you a massive competitive edge. 

Door Bouncer vs. 24/7 Security 

Bear with us, we’re in an analogy mood, so trying another one on you.

Been to the club recently? Ok us neither. But how about a concert or sports game? Do you remember the bouncer at the door, checking everyone who entered? A super important step. But also a one-time check. 

What about what happens inside the concert or game? Typically, you see 24/7 security roaming the halls, ensuring everyone continues to follow the rules. 

That’s what Continuous Monitoring does for your workforce. Leveraging automation, it runs multiple checks throughout the day at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional background checks, keeping an eye on any changes in your workers’ records and flagging them in real time.

This proactive approach means you don’t just catch issues at the gate but continuously monitor the environment, maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. It’s like having an always-on background check system without the hefty price tag.

And the benefits of Continuous Monitoring don’t end there. 

Safety, Service, Savings – You Get It All

Let’s keep rolling with this sports game analogy, it’s working quite well. 

1. Turn compliance on easy mode.

You are the sports venue. It’s your job to make the game a success. You want everyone to have fun and be safe, all while making money for your organization. You trust the 24/7 security you’ve hired but need to know if everything’s going well without personally checking in with each guard.

Enter, Continuous Monitoring.

Set it and forget it. That’s the game. Continuous Monitoring runs behind the scenes, in real-time, and sends you updates when something’s flagged, without needing to constantly check your workforce.

Talk about easy. You only need to act when something is brought to your attention, so you can sleep at night knowing your organization is being protected.

2. Give yourself the advantage.

As more and more people open up their homes and lives to new services, trust and security are becoming critical. People want to know their assets, data, and loved ones are safe.

Think of the best security guards at the sports venue. They’re on top of things, spotting problems before they even start, which makes the venue a favorite among fans.

You know where we’re going with this…Continuous Monitoring does the same thing. It’s that premium feature, white-glove service that customers love. By going the extra mile to keep your workplace and customers safe, you can lean into this competitive advantage as a core selling point for your business.

3. Save with the right strategy.

Alright, we’re rounding out this analogy. 

At a lot of venues, security guards continuously make their rounds and check out areas and people several times throughout a game.

In the background check space, this is what we call rescreening. Some companies rescreen employees and workers on their yearly anniversary, others do it for each new placement, just depends on the business. This is one compliance strategy that can work really well for certain businesses.

Continuous Monitoring is the other compliance tactic. Think about it this way: Instead of the security guards making periodic rounds, you’ve got security cameras and 24/7 monitoring that pings you when something has been flagged.

You typically just use one of these compliance tactics, and depending on your business, Continuous Monitoring might help you save on unnecessary checks. And that’s always our goal – help you save.

If you need to run several rescreens a year on a worker, Continuous Monitoring is likely more cost-effective for you. And it’s also that always-on type of security that gives you peace of mind.

Premium Peace of Mind

The reputation of your organization is everything. Why not treat it with the utmost care?

Continuous Monitoring is a premium product for premium companies — these companies value their brand and want it to last. By turning on Continuous Monitoring, aka “compliance easy mode”, you’ll have always-on safety measures running, leaving no gaps in the trust and safety of your workforce. 

You’ll be keeping your people and brand safe and getting that “new car peace of mind” that helps you sleep at night. 

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