Yardstik Launches First-Ever Trust & Safety Platform to Help Businesses Build Best-in-Class Trust & Safety Programs 

Jun 27, 2023

The platform will introduce new screening and verification tools and safely leverage data to improve the user experience and help customers accelerate hiring, reduce fraud, and reduce unnecessary screening costs

Minneapolis, MN – June 27, 2023 – Today, Yardstik announces the launch of the first-ever Trust & Safety Platform. This new platform gives businesses the tools and support they need to build best-in-class Trust & Safety programs. 

The platform offers businesses at all stages of growth the ability to accelerate, streamline, and simplify the work that must be done to screen, verify, and onboard workers at scale. 

“The Trust & Safety Platform is our most ambitious endeavor yet,” said Matt Meents, CEO of Yardstik. “It is our answer to the growing complexities of Trust & Safety– a means to empower businesses of all sizes to provide better, safer experiences to all of their workers and customers.”

The world of Trust & Safety is fragmented with point solutions and vendors that can’t be easily connected or integrated with each other. This leads to an inconsistent user experience, disconnected data, excessive development work, inflated costs, and slow hiring.

Yardstik’s new platform overcomes these hurdles by giving businesses access to one tool they can use to connect seamlessly with vendors, capture data from candidates, screen potential hires, reduce unnecessary costs, and prevent fraud. 

“As our company scales, we’re mindful of how our trust and safety operations must evolve,” said Davis Wadell, CEO of Tend. “We need to be fast, efficient, and secure. This platform will support our rapid growth without continually adding to our tech stack,” he added.

With this platform, businesses of all sizes can build custom Trust & Safety programs and workflows that meet their unique needs and goals. This is a marked departure from the prevalent model when vetting and hiring workers, which forces businesses to use multiple siloed vendors that don’t work well together and aren’t built to easily share data with one another. 

Businesses using Yardstik’s platform will have access to strong new connections between an initial batch of vendors. That list of connections will grow quickly over the coming year, thanks to how the platform has been architected. Stronger connections between vendors will help businesses reduce fraud and ensure data integrity throughout the vetting, hiring, and onboarding process. 

Yardstik’s Trust & Safety Platform is already being leveraged by companies in the high-volume hiring space like Skipcart, Bellhop, and Dispatch and companies in the world of SaaS, such as LeagueApps, Aviontè, PlayMetrics. The impact of the platform on these businesses is evident.

“Yardstik’s platform is a tool that enables a proactive trust & safety approach,” said Sean Flanigan, a Recruiting & Training Manager at MovingHelp. “The ability to anticipate risks and make data-driven decisions will give us a competitive edge and aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence. “We’ve found a partner that is going to bat for us and bringing new ideas for optimization to the table,” he added.

Yardstik’s new Trust & Safety Platform is built to serve fast-growing high-volume hiring platforms, technology-first SaaS platforms, and any marketplace with a need to hire and employ workers at scale.   

To learn more about the platform and what it can do for your business, visit yardstik.com/trust-and-safety.

About Yardstik:

Yardstik brings better Trust & Safety tools to companies that need to quickly screen, verify, and hire people at scale. The Yardstik Trust & Safety platform consists of a suite of tools that businesses can use to build and manage best-in-class Trust & Safety programs. These programs help high-volume hiring businesses in the gig and SaaS space accelerate hiring, reduce fraud, cut costs, and build a program that scales as they grow. 

Press Contact:

Anthony Ostrowski
VP of Revenue

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