Why is this background check taking so long?

While the vast majority of background checks are completed within their expected timeframe, there are a number of factors that can cause delays. 


Information Requested – Yardstik is waiting for the candidate to respond to a request for information that is required to complete the report.

Court Delays – County/state search is delayed due to court closures, staffing issues or court backlogs.

Court Records –
A county search requires a manual search of records as not all counties have automated or electronic results.  In these situations, a court researcher must review the paper records after they have been pulled.

Court Changes –
States such as California and Michigan may encounter further delays due to changes in state laws and information redaction.

Common names –
May take additional time while validating personal information.

Special Screenings –
Reports with special screenings such as Education Verification, Employment Verification, Drug Screening, and Insurance Review may take longer to complete either due to additional information gathering or follow up.


  1. County delays are unfortunately out of Yardstik’s control, and can sometimes cause delays between 7-30 days. In these cases, no action is required but you can track the county progress in the report details for the candidate.
  2. In a report status of Info Requested, Yardstik sends daily reminders for 7 days to the candidate and keeps the report open for 30 days to allow time for the candidate to respond. In this time, you can encourage your candidates to complete the information requested (the candidate may have to check their spam/junk file in case the request was mistakenly routed there by their email provider).

If you’re unsure about the current status of a candidate, reach out to support@yardstik.com and we’ll be happy to investigate!