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Everything you need in one platform.

build the trust & safety program you need

Yardstik goes beyond the background check to provide businesses like yours with the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.

The Platform

Hire the right people fast, reduce your risk, and keep your brand and people safe, all in one place. Run a world-class Trust and Safety program, never spend time or money on another integration, and do it all while saving money on screening operations costs.

How it works

Determine your needs.

Build your program.

Measure success.

Save time and scale.

Build a Trust & Safety program that grows with your business.

Save money and consolidate your tech stack.

Spend less time integrating with multiple Trust & Safety vendors.

Keep your brand and people safe.

Keep bad actors away from customers and protect your reputation.

Identity Verification

Verify and hire the right people faster while keeping bad actors out of your workforce. Save time and money on unnecessary background checks and hiring processes by removing fraud at the top of the hiring funnel.

Clear the right people faster.

Implement tools and processes that make it easy to screen at scale.

Reduce fraud.

Prevent bad actors from joining your platform and keep customers safe.

Save money on unnecessary checks on fraudsters.

Stop candidates before they make it too far along in your hiring process.

How it works

Get data from candidate.

Verify candidate identity.

Pass or fail for candidate.

what is included

Background checks

High volume hiring can be risky and time-consuming. Yardstik gives you access to simple, configurable background check tools that allow you to screen candidates, make hiring decisions, and scale faster when the time is right.

Hire fast and save money.

Get fast and accurate results that help you hire in less time.

Keep your workforce safe.

Build a safe workforce and healthy environment for your employees.

Protect your brand.

Reduce fraud risk, keep bad actors away, and keep your brand reputation intact.

How it works

Invite candidate.

Run check.

Proceed with candidate.

What's included

MVR Checks

Having safe drivers on the road is essential to many businesses. Our fast and accurate MVR reports give you the confidence you need to put the right drivers behind the wheel and keep your business moving forward.

Keep the roads safe.

Know with confidence that your drivers have safe driving records.

Reduce your company’s risk against litigation and high premiums.

Keep premiums down by keeping unsafe drivers out of your platform.

Stay compliant.

Stay compliant with city and state laws relating to driving.

How it works

Invite candidate.

Check records.

Approve driver status.

what is included

Continuous Monitoring

Compliance is an ongoing process, and Yardstik's Continuous Monitoring makes it easy. Get real-time updates on your workforce's criminal records and stay ahead of any compliance risks. Trust us to keep your business and people safe.

Reduce your risk

Know the moment when personnel changes need to be made.

Keep your workforce safe

Keep your people and customers safe from bad actors.

Ongoing Safety in one platform

Trust in one single platform to keep you informed about your people.

How it works


Get notified.

Take action.

What's included

Healthcare Integrity

Healthcare organizations face strict regulatory requirements and high stakes when it comes to hiring qualified professionals. With Yardstik's Healthcare Integrity product line, you can take the guesswork out of the hiring process and ensure that your candidates meet the highest standards of integrity and qualification.

Meet State, Federal, and Facility Requirements

Feel confident knowing your employees meet employment requirements.

Match Patients with Safe and Qualified Workers

Make your patients' health, safety, and wellbeing a top priority.

Run Your Full Healthcare Screening Process in One Place

Rely on one single platform to check backgrounds and qualifications.

How it works

Invite candidate.

Check records.

Proceed with candidate.

what is included

Social Media Screening

Don't risk your company's reputation by hiring the wrong people. With Yardstik's Social Media Screening, you can identify potential red flags and harmful behavior before it affects your brand.

Protect your brand.

Know who is working for you and how they behave online.

Keep your workers safe.

Create a safe, healthy working environment for your people.

Get ahead of risky behavior and potential litigation.

Stay ahead of problems that could impact your reputation.

How it works

Request screen.

Perform screen.

Get results.

What's included


Depending on your industry, it can be important to look beyond criminal history to determine a candidate’s future with your company. Verifying education, employment, professional licenses, insurance can help you decide on a candidate’s history and ability to do the job.

Reduce your team's manual effort.

Make it easier and quicker for your team to verify qualifications.

Easy and fast for your candidates.

Allow your candidates to submit information in just a few clicks.

Background checks and verification in one platform.

Reduce headaches by managing everything in one place.

How it works

Invite candidate.

Verify information.

Proceed with candidate.

what is included

“The Yardstik service is working really well for us and we’re very happy we made the switch!”

Marisa Lee

Office Manager, Cedar Valley Exteriors

Drug Screening

Yardstik's drug screening product is the most comprehensive and reliable way to ensure that your workforce is a safe one. With quick and accurate results, you'll be able to hire with confidence and maintain a productive workplace.

Stay compliant.

Stay compliant with industry and governmental regulations.

Promote workplace safety.

Foster a safe workplace environment for workers.

Reduce hiring turnover.

Disqualify bad candidates before they get hired and cause issues.

How it works

Build screening package.

Screen candidates.

Evaluate results.

What's included

Department of Transportation (DOT) Background Checks

Yardstik’s DOT Background Checks simplify the crucial task of meeting Department of Transportation regulations for commercial drivers. In Yardstik's platform, you can confirm a driver's qualifications, from driving history to drug testing results, ensuring they’re ready and safe for the road. This tool is designed to help you hire quicker and with the assurance that you’re DOT-compliant.

One platform, complete compliance.

All your DOT requirements handled in one accessible spot.

Speed up the hiring process.

Enable drivers to complete checks and get on the road sooner.

Save on onboarding costs.

Keep more money in your pocket with Sequential Screening.

How it works

Invite candidate.

Verify information.

Proceed with candidate.

what is included