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Report and Invitation Statuses

The Report and Invitation statuses can help you understand a candidate’s current place in the screening process.

Report Status


Created The report was successfully created. Processing has not begun.
Pending A screening in the report is awaiting response from a third party system (ex: County Criminal records check).
Processing A Yardstik Verification Specialist is researching the report. (*It is possible that a report shows this status if it is still waiting on county records).
Info Requested The information that the candidate originally supplied was not enough to complete the verification. A Yardstik Verification Specialist has reached out to them to gather the rest of the required information.
Clear The screenings in the report are complete. The research process did not produce any disqualifying information about the candidate.
Consider The report has come back with one or more violations that may disqualify the candidate. An account user needs to review the report.
Proceed The report has come back with some data that may disqualify the candidate. The account user has decided the data was not sufficient to disqualify them and has completed the report.
Pre Adverse An account owner or user has decided that there are violations that could disqualify the candidate from employment. Once a candidate is in this status, they will have a limited amount of time to respond before they are either in the final adverse or proceed status.
Final Adverse The candidate pre adverse response time window has expired and they either didn’t reply or they didn’t give enough evidence to move to Proceed.
Dispute The candidate has filed a dispute against the report data provided. A Yardstik Operations team member will handle the dispute process.
Canceled The report was canceled through user action or API request.
Exception There is an issue with the report (ex: SSN is incorrect).
YS QA Review We have found records on the report and it is being handled by our Verification Specialist. This status will only happen if your account adverse action process is handled by Yardstik.
Queued This is a status used when a report has multiple screenings in process sequential, where one has been completed while the others are queued to advance to the next workflow status.
Pending Approval The report is in processing, but requires guardian consent before advancing. A Yardstik Verification Specialist has reached out to the guardian provided and is awaiting response.
Approved to Process Guardian consent has been provided and reviewed. The Yardstik Verification Specialist approves the report to advance to the next workflow status.

Invitation Statuses

Invite Sent The invitation has been sent, no other action has been taken by the candidate yet.
Viewed The invitation has been viewed by the candidate, but not clicked yet.
Clicked The invitation link has been clicked by the candidate to view the report, but they have not completed the intake form.
Completed The invitation has been completed by the candidate and the report will be in progress.
Canceled The invitation has been canceled by the account.
Expired The invitation has expired. The invite can be refreshed if needed.

If you are using an integrated partner or connecting Yardstik to your platform via API, the complete up-to-date list of status and status definitions for both Reports and Invitations can also be found in the Yardstik developer docs.