Candidate Dispute Process

A candidate reached out wanting to discuss the results of a report. What should you do?

There are two reasons a candidate might dispute a report:

Reason Who is responsible?
Candidate is not happy with the decision made by the hiring company. Hiring company follows up with candidate and may perform individualized assessment (per company and state policies).
Candidate indicates records are inaccurate or do not belong to them. Candidate can submit a dispute, and Yardstik must complete the formal dispute process.

We know you want to respond to them in a way that is FCRA compliant, but we also understand these situations are tricky and that your time is precious. 

We’ve drafted an email response to those candidates to help you get started. We hope this will help identify candidates who feel they have an inaccurate report vs. those who truly want an individualized assessment from you as the hiring company. 

Email Template

Hi {Candidate Name},

Thank you for reaching out to us about the results of your report. There are two potential ways to dispute the information on your report.

1.   If the report is accurate but you feel it should not keep you from employment with {Hiring Company}, please follow up directly with {Hiring Company} and request an individualized assessment.  For your convenience, their support email address is {Hiring Company Email Address}.

2. If you feel there are records that are inaccurate, please go to your report using this link Once you have verified your information, you can use the “Report an Error” link at the bottom right of the page.  When doing that, you will be asked a series of questions about the dispute.  Please include as detailed responses as possible to prevent possible delays in our investigation.

Hiring Company

We just want to make the tricky parts of background screening a little less scary. If you still have questions, we’re here for you at

More information on the candidate dispute process can be found at this link. If you’d like to further understand the formal dispute process, read on…

Disputes are a mandated process covered under the FCRA that each CRA must follow. This process is built to ensure candidates have the ability to review their reports and request a reinvestigation if necessary.  The candidate can dispute their report using this link: where they list the charge name and the reason for the dispute. They also have the option to upload supporting documentation. 

As a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency), Yardstik is bound by the FCRA requirements for dispute filings.  Disputes will be reinvestigated through various channels including the original source of data.   Most disputes are resolved within 30 days but some may take up to 45 days based on the information provided and the access to the needed data. Once completed, Yardstik will also notify the client and candidate of the final outcome of the dispute and if necessary, update the report. Rest assured, we are following all requirements around the dispute process including reinvestigation, communication and timing.