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Designed for Your Platform

Yardstik is easy and adaptable enough to make comprehensive human security—screening, verifications, and training—realistic for any platform, in any industry.

In providing a service that affects people’s lives, their businesses, and their communities—we don’t cut corners. Built on rigorous requirements and enterprise-class technology, our right-fit solutions are designed to get you up and screening fast with a hands-off process that frees up your resources.


Industry Packages

Our solution adapts to virtually any business model, from gig economy marketplaces to SaaS platforms across industries.

The result is a right-fit, industry-specific solution that’s safer, more efficient, and doesn’t let anything (or anyone) through the cracks.

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Easy Configuration

Offering human security as an extension of your platform is no longer a big undertaking.

Just plug and play with our robust APIs and premade UI components to configure and launch Yardstik right out of the box.

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Bottom-line Impact

Yardstik can cut your costs in various ways, including lower-cost screening and through Precision Checks—a cascading approach to screening to save you from paying for irrelevant checks and surcharges.

Through our revenue-sharing program, you have an opportunity to generate passive revenue from the screens that happen on your platform.

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Position your business as an industry leader in safety with a right-fit human security solution for your platform, your users, and your industry. It’s easier than you think.

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