Trust & Safety for Retail

Yardstik brings better Trust & Safety tools to local stores, pop-up shops, and growing startups in the retail space. We help you screen, verify, hire, and monitor your workforce at scale.



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screen and hire the best people to represent your brand

Custom Trust & Safety Packages

Yardstik adapts to virtually any business model, from gig economy marketplaces to SaaS platforms across industries.

Seamless & Simple Integrations

Plug and play with our robust APIs and pre-made UI components to configure and launch Yardstik right out of the box.

Cost Savings & Revenue Sharing

Save at least 15% on your existing packages, find unique ways to cut costs, and tap into hidden revenue.

“The Yardstik team went beyond background screening and listened to the unique needs of our company. They acted as an extension of our team to help us deliver more for our customers.

Andrew Leone

Co-Founder/CEO, Dispatch

keep workers and customers safe

Protect the safety and well-being of your workers and customers with a suite of tools that help you screen and verify candidates. Keep bad actors away from your business and keep your brand reputation intact.

One platform to manage everything

Never worry about having to manage multiple integrations and vendors when you need to verify candidate identities, check backgrounds, and scan social media behavior. Our Trust & Safety experts will work 1-1 with you to build the right program for your retail business.

Trust & Safety for Retail

Get more with one strategic partner

Yardstik provides you with all of the tools, technology, and workflows you need to get a more complete and accurate picture of your candidates.