The Human Security Platform for Building & Contract Labor

Build trust into your construction teams. Yardstik helps contract labor platforms validate workers across a gamut of trades and functions, ensuring job site safety and regulatory compliance and minimizing liability risk.

Screening for a job well done.

In an industry where safety is paramount, companies need to know exactly who they are hiring. Building contractors, subs, and site developers can’t afford to hire unqualified workers. As a provider for this industry, what you don’t know about your users can put your clients at risk — of accidents, liability hassles and significant losses.

As the screening platform made for platforms, Yardstik helps you close the background gap for everyone contracted through your solution. We provide the full slate of background checks workers need to qualify for skilled jobs and comply with OSHA and NIOSH regulations. So work gets done with the highest levels of safety and integrity by people who belong on the job. 


Additional Services

In consultation with you, we determine the additional verifications you need, such as:

  • Industry-specific certification and training
  • Construction-specific skill verification
  • Compliance Validation
  • Master subcontractor agreement
  • General liability insurance and coverage
  • Proof of Workers Comp
  • Proof of Jurisdictional Registration to operate in a municipality
  • And more…
Standard Criminal Package
Turnaround time Depends on States
  • Address and Social Security Trace
  • Multi-jurisdictional national criminal search of proprietary databases including all 50 states.
  • Current County of Residence criminal search and any jurisdictions identified by the national criminal search.
  • Includes felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending records that the court has available.
  • Global Watch List Verification
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Adverse Action Management



One-size-fits-all screening solutions don’t always fit. A platform solution designed for building and contract labor platforms is safer, more efficient, and sets you apart against your competition.

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