Total cost of fraud in 2023 to date.

Estimated. (Source)

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Decrypting Fraud's latest moves with 5 insights

Fraud expert Amanda Martin answers 5 quesitons that give us great insights into the world of fraud today.

The hidden costs of fraud: PDF DOwnload

See the financial impact of fraud that you may have not expected, supported by relevant and shocking statistics.

Fraud 2.0: the New risks and new rules

The rapid rise of the remote economy has changed the fraud game forever. Here’s what that means for you.

The Unique Landscape of modern fraud

Hear from expert Brian Davis, Head of Trust & Safety at Dodgeball, on how fraud is unique in the current time.

Trust & Safety for Growing Companies

For growing companies, fighting fraud might be easier than you thought. Here are two things you can do now.

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1 in 4 Americans

Have been defrauded on gig platforms

According to this source.

do something about it.

What Yardstik is doing about it

New funding

Yardstik closed a $12m funding round led by MissionOG to continue to invest in Trust & Safety.

new Fraud tools

Yardstik announced the release of the Trust & Safety Dashboard and Yardstik Detect, tools designed to support fraud fighters.